Wolff Olins Plants NYBG Rebrand

Do Right By Nature

The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) has unveiled its first major brand refresh in over a decade in partnership with global brand consultancy Wolff Olins. An updated brand strategy, visual and verbal identity pave the way for a new chapter for NYBG, celebrating a closer alignment between the physical, local experience of visiting the Bronx NY-based Botanical Garden and the global presence of the organization behind it.



NYBG is a 132-year-old globally significant institution rooted in science, research and education. With a strategic focus to deepen connections with the local community as well as expand environmental action around the world, NYBG partnered with Wolff Olins to evolve the brand to reflect this vision while honoring its rich history.



Inspired by a sense of place and the action of the organization, the agency created a singular idea for the brand: “Do right by nature.” This refers to the studying of nature; protecting it, learning from it and enjoying it. A call to action, spotlighting the leading work of NYBG and acknowledges the active role of nature itself.



The Bold Iconicity of NYBG  

A new tone of voice for the brand reflects the tonality and attitude of New York and the Bronx. Built around an optimistic, empathetic, and deliberate brand personality, it was conceived to help NYBG to share its contagious enthusiasm for the natural world, make everyone feel welcome and lead with expertise.  A new hand-drawn logo refocuses the shorter, bolder NYBG abbreviation. To unite the spirit of New York City and the natural beauty of the Garden, the typography references hand-drawn forms found in nature.



An Immersive Design System

An updated design system includes an intricate palette of colors inspired by the breadth of plants, trees, fungi, algae and even the Bronx River that runs through the Garden, as well as the bold vibrancy of iconic New York institutions. The system has been conceived to be combined in infinite ways year-round, with flexibility and tools that enable the creation of beautiful contrasts out of even the most unexpected pairings.

A photography style based on the idea of seeing from nature’s perspective has also been created. Shots range from more intimate to more immersive in capturing the various subjects of plants, people, and place that tell the story of NYBG.


To round out the system, Wolff Olins created a graphic language based on the forms of the Garden itself from a bird’s eye view – unique organic shapes that can be cropped, extracted, or layered over a grid. The grid is inspired by the glass panes of the iconic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.

The new brand will launch to the public at The New York Botanical Garden’s NYBG Preview: The Year Ahead event.  The full roll-out of the brand across all communication channels and materials will follow.



Jane Boynton, Senior Creative Director, Wolff Olins states: “We wanted to capture what people already know about this beloved institution – being an incredible place of natural beauty – but also a place of science, research, horticultural advancements, preservation, education, advocacy, art and outreach to the surrounding Bronx community. It’s these qualities that make NYBG so special, rich and different and what really shines through in the refreshed brand, ready to meet and greet today’s visitors.”

Michael Crowley is Chief Marketing Officer at NYBG and Jennifer Bernstein is CEO and The William C. Steere Sr. President, NYBG. Says Bernstein: “Our new brand is meant to inspire people to take action and to help nature thrive so that humanity can thrive. At NYBG, we believe in our ability to make things better and are excited for our optimistic new brand to engage the public more holistically in our institution’s work across our borough and around the globe.”