Xhilarate ‘Shields’ New Care Car Product

The average American washes their car 13 times a year at one of the over 60,000 car washes in the U.S. So when Blendco Systems introduced an innovative car care product called Guardian with Graphene Technology, they needed a brand design and strategy to help them stand out. Graphene has been dubbed a “disruptive” technology that is said to provide “optimum” dirt and debris repellent, UV protection, and a soft, hand-waxed feel. To capitalize on these qualities, the client turned to Xhilarate to handle the overall look and feel for the product including a logo, tagline, sell sheet, and complete tool box.



To convey the notion of protection, the logo features a G in the shape of a shield with a distinct, triangular mark. The shield can either stand on its own or in combination with the Guardian name. Lime green and dark royal blue combine to convey a bold,  modern, confident, professional image. Adding the tagline, “Guardian, Graphene Shielded,” further reinforces this message.



Comments Caroline Frey, Marketing Manager, Blendco: “The strength of the branding really comes across on the website as well as all the other touchpoints including sell sheets, packaging, on-premise signage, displays, and collateral materials. Xhilarate showed us how the power of branding can work to help us differentiate this product and reinforce innovation.”