Beardwood Bird Symbolizes Challenger Brand

Energizer Holdings – of battery and household product fame – separated its Personal Care Division, giving the newly-independent company a new logo, visual design, brand identity, and a new name: Edgewell Personal Care.



For the branding, Energizer turned to NYC-based Beardwood & Co. “Edgewell” is a newly-coined word created by combining two familiar terms, and plays off the company’s largest business which is shaving.  The logo features a hummingbird symbol in aqua blue with clean, modern lines. Much as Edgewell views itself as a challenger brand, explains the Beardwood design team, the hummingbird distills the company positioning into a single emotionally-engaging symbol as the ultimate challenger of the natural world: fast and agile, smaller than some, strong and resourceful, yet surprising and delighting.