Warkulwiz: GoPhillyGo Just Flows

Warkulwiz Design Associates was invited by Clean Air Council to bid an ongoing project that required working with interactive map developers. The charge was to give the project life, a look, a name, and launch the website by the end of June 2015.






 According to Bob Warkulwiz, “the name, GoPhillyGo, just flowed off the tongue, had a fun attitude, and fit the city’s personality. Developing of the mark let to the merging of two ideas. One — the connective ligature of lowercase letterforms to allude to a roadway system. Two — substitution of the “o”s of the words with that of circular graphics, like bike and bus wheels, to support the idea of combining ways to travel.”


Other graphic assets include video, transit ads, branding, and brochure. 


The new GoPhillyGo Website, with online mapping capabilities for the Greater Philadelphia region, has now been launched. Developed by local technological firm Azavea and funded by a grant from the William Penn Foundation, the site makes it easy for users to plan multimodal directions — combining biking, walking and public transportation within one trip — to go anywhere within the greater Philadelphia area without the use of a car. Emily Zuwiala was lead on the project for the Warkulwiz firm. On the video, illustration is by Michael Rogalski and animation by Geoffrey Beady.