Base Design Uses Language Instead of Logo For Luxe Pastry

Roy Shvartzapel, acclaimed pastry chef and co-founder of Houston TX bakery Common Bond, has launched a new e-commerce company — From Roy — specializing in “exquisite” Panettones. Shvartzapel called upon Base Design, who also created the brand identity for Common Bond, to execute a visual identity for the From Roy platform. Base’s main goal was to place the product on a pedestal while showcasing the baker as the personality behind his one-of-a-kind goods. By marrying a luxury approach with Roy’s obsession with tradition, the team was able to create a sleek but simple visual identity and package design that emulates the artisanal promise of the product. Base Design applied this approach across every application including the website, packaging and personal touches such handwritten notes signed “from Roy.” Base also used language instead of logos to tell the company’s story with the words on the packaging. Credits go to Creative Director Min Lew and Designer Ethan Sung.