Beardwood and Oikos Put Fruit First

Fe Amarante: We All Crave Authenticity

The team at Oikos has redesigned the packaging of its blended Greek yogurt. Danone North America’s team worked with Beardwood&Co to develop the rebrand. For Julia Beardwood, the issue was that the blended packs did not fit: “Oikos Pro and Oikos Triple Zero have a sense of boldness. They’re both black and white brands in an overall white category. And then we had Oikos blended, which was blue, and it just didn’t fit. So we wanted to shake up the category and also bring some unification and boldness to Oikos.”


The Danone and Beardwood&Co teams chose to approach the redesign in a human-centric way. As a result of lots of conversations with, and feedback from, consumers, the redesigned packs not only highlight the ingredients, but they also aim to make consumer hungry by featuring vibrant fruits at the forefront on a background of a yogurt swirl. The look, says Beardwood, is uncluttered and stripped back to keep the flavor at the core.



“I think we all crave authenticity and for brands to drop the bullshit and be straight with us,” Fe Amarante, senior creative director and head of brand design and brand elevation at Danone North America, told The Dieline. “The photography really heroes the fruit in an unapologetic, front-and-center way. In the CPG world, it’s really refreshing for you to see a product that’s so mindfully created and that has so much substance and texture and fruit that it would be so bold as to give you this experience.”