Biondo Unifies and Simplifies For Back To Nature

Capitalizing on the demand for better-for-you snacks, B&G Foods acquired Back to Nature with a vision of winning over younger Gen-X and Millennial shoppers. With new flavors in the offing, The Biondo Group was tasked with contemporizing the visual image with a package design system that conveys the brand promise of “Simply Delicious, Simply Good.”

According to Charles Biondo, CEO and founder, the design team’s key creative challenge was to create a strategic framework that organizes and prioritizes the portfolio to help consumers understand the total product offering – a modern design system for ease of shop-ability, that stood out and unified the brand from multiple shelves, while also being authentic to its earthy, wholesome roots.



Biondo elaborates: “The Back to Nature story is all about simplicity – so the redesign called for a clean, minimalist approach, which is also most effective for online retail. The eye is pulled first to the fresh, updated logo (the leaf is maintained) and then to delicious-looking food photography, maximizing appetite appeal. Also, a ‘stamp of approval’ was created to showcase the brand’s promise and organize the better-for-you attributes together,” said Biondo.

Originally a quintessential “crunchy granola,” Back to Nature® was made in a local California health food store during the early-1960’s counter-culture era, expanding into new segments and then distribution into national grocery chains, natural channel stores and e-tailers.