Branding Seeks To Make Periods Better

Halia is a Philippines-based company that sells plastic-and toxin-free period pads manufactured from organic bamboo and corn fibers. With the help of designer Katrina Romulo, the brand hopes to challenge negative notions pushed by some in the business that periods are somehow “shameful” or secretive.

Romulo was tasked with visualizing the brand’s mission to redefine the period experience as one that is “enjoyable and free from environmental guilt.” She employed creative color combinations for the package, including pinks, greens, and purples ranging from pastel to vibrant to dark. For powerful headings and memorable taglines, the designer used a thick serif and a grotesque typeface. Illustrations show people in dynamic positions “to keep with the energetic and upbeat mood.”

Romulo adds: “One of my favorite elements is the “H” brandmark. It is a freeform H with lots of curves created by drawing two pads and connecting them. The two connected pads represent the two types of pads that Halia currently offers – the Regular and Super. The wordmark has rounded letters … that underscore the brand’s friendly and approachable demeanor.”

Halia’s branding and advertising program comes in the face of a growing push back to marketing that understates the discomfort or pain that periods can present or that leans too heavily on tired “feminine clichés.” In addition to branding and packaging, the project includes a website by Odin & Grotesk and Yello Studio.