CF Napa and Tad Carpenter Help Brewery Stand Out

Brewery Ommegang begins a new year with a new look. Working with CF Napa Brand Design of Napa CA, the brewery has redesigned every element of the brand. “One of our goals was to make it easier for consumers to find our beers in the increasingly crowded craft environment,” explains the brewery’s president Doug Campbell. “That’s been accomplished through consistent application of our key brand iconography, style of illustration, and color palette.” Ommegang’s year-round beers now enjoy rich, vibrant colors and a clean, uncluttered appearance, while the brand’s familiar harlequin pattern serves as a backdrop for a series of bold silhouettes created by Tad Carpenter of Carpenter Collective. Each illustration is intended to evoke the story behind the beer. By contrast, packaging for limited release beers employs more subtle colors and foregoes illustrations, allowing the name alone to describe the offering. The brewery logo has also been refreshed, and a reimagined tap handle is making its way to market.

Photo credits: Jesse Untract-Okner