Chocolate Package Design Bucks Industry Trend

Fine & Raw, a Brooklyn NY-based chocolatier, has introduced major updates to the package design of its signature line ahead of Summer Fancy Food Show ’18. With FINE & RAW founder Daniel Sklaar acting as art director, the brand shifted its wrapper artwork to a natural look that reflects its chocolate creations.



Floral imagery and vivid colors buck the industry’s trend towards linear, non-organic patterns. The update includes a switch to thinner bars – now 40% slimmer at 4mm thick but still 2 ounces – was inspired by food science data;  by increasing the surface area chocolate molecules are more quickly released on the tongue. States Sklaar: “Our redesign reflects not only our obsession with making the best craft chocolate in the world, but leading the industry in innovation from ingredients to presentation,” says FINE & RAW founder Daniel Sklaar.