Dove Creates Refillable Deodorant Package

Dove, one of the largest beauty brands, has created its first ever refillable deodorant, turning what was a ‘throwaway’ item into a commitment to sustainability and and bringing about a milestone in Dove’s commitment towards fighting plastic waste. Dove worked with A Plastic Planet and Dutch design consultancy VanBerlo to revolutionize its use of materials, with the entire design and manufacturing process based around a mission to avoid excess material use.


The sleek, minimalist aesthetic keeps the use of raw materials to a minimum, with the Dove logo laser-engraved on to avoid using extra materials. And in order to fulfill its promise of ‘buy once, refill for life,’ the refillable case is made from super-durable stainless steel. The cases are packaged in 100% FSC-graded paper from well-managed forests. Dove has rethought its refill packaging too; 98% of the plastic used is now recycled plastic. and mono-materials are used for better recycling.


The refillable deodorant forms part of the brand’s ongoing sustainability initiative that will reduce the use of virgin plastic by more than 20,500 tons per year. “Our refillable deodorant represents a new, more sustainable way of consumption – reinventing the daily deodorant for a planet in crisis,” says Augusto Garzon, Dove Global VP of Deodorants. “Thanks to this sleek, minimalist design, we’ve created something that is more sustainable and more desirable.”