Elmwood Brands Unisex Razor

Elmwood New York has created brand identity and packaging for BIC’s Made for YOU. The product is described as a high-quality unisex razor system at an affordable price. The design consultancy was brought on to help disrupt the heavily gendered razor system category. The project included everything from the brand’s positioning and personality to its name and verbal expression to its visual identity and packaging. When Made for YOU became an Amazon Exclusive, Elmwood also created branded communications to support its launch.


Meg Beckum, Executive Creative Director, Elmwood New York said: “It was interesting for us to think about what happens when you create a unisex razor. What does it look like, what is its story and how do you craft language for it in a non-gendered world?” The big idea for Elmwood was “the raw truth” — stripping back the stereotypes and marketing clichés. “It’s a refreshing attitude in a world where we have grandiose stories floating around about razors,” adds Beckum. “Instead, this is a damn good razor at a damn good price. That’s what people care about. Plus, it’s for every body, no matter who you are.” This belief led Elmwood New York to land on the name Made for YOU by BIC. The package design was kept straightforward, bold and simple.


Elmwood began as a small, local agency in 1977 and now has offices in New York, Leeds, London, Singapore and Melbourne. In addition to Beckum, credits on this project go to Director of Strategy Camilla Crane; Senior Account Director Marci Gentile; Account Manager Daniela Sabler; Design Director Amelia Cheung; Designers Dee Dalencour, Bruno Nesci and Mindy Gellman; and the ARTHOUSE creative agency.