Fortnight Collective Captures Kombucha’s Uplift

A new brand identity and packaging has been designed for Allkind, a hard kombucha from Odell Brewing Co. Allkind is brewed in the spirit of being kind to ourselves, to each other and to the planet, a concept brought to life within the packaging’s imagery created by Fortnight Collective, the agency of record. To this end, the design puts bright colors front and center, capturing the beverage’s uplifting and bubbly nature, while leaning into simplicity to mirror the simple organic ingredients.



The colors on each package correspond to the ingredients, like turmeric, pineapple and passion fruit, which together create the “Tropical Tumeric” flavor and show up as a mood-boosting yellow on the can. “Kombucha is an exciting category to design for as the beverage and what it means to drink it, is evolving,” said Andy Nathan, CEO, Fortnight Collective. “We’ve worked on a number of kombucha brands, appealing to those with a healthy lifestyle. Allkind takes that notion of health a step further, infusing fun and lightheartedness into the product, which we made sure came through with the design.”

Odell Brewing Co. is a Colorado-based, 100% employee owned brewery.