Getting Blunt About Cannabis and Skincare

Cannabeauty is, without doubt, a trend of the moment. The CBD (cannabidiol) beauty market is predicted to reach 20 billion dollars by 2024, Wall Street analysts are treating it as a standalone category, and beauty retail giant Sephora has a curated section for CBD and hemp-oriented brands. This extension of the broader natural & clean beauty movement is taking a stronghold within the beauty industry and brands are taking notice.




Blunt skincare is one such brand. Launched in early 2019, this new cannabeauty brand combines innovative cosmetic chemistry with cannabis and hopes to change the current CBD beauty space by offering the best skincare formulas while also educating consumers on cannabinoids.

Stas Chirkov, Founder and CEO of Blunt skincare is a cosmetic chemist, engineer and product developer who has worked in the beauty industry for more than a decade with brands including L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson. When CBD became trendy, Chirkov researched the benefits of cannabis and created high-quality formulas that contain actual cannabis-derived ingredients. “Blunt skincare is a research-driven brand that fundamentally redefines the current state of the cannabis beauty space by offering 100% vegan, clean luxury skincare, as well as working to fight the stigma around cannabis,” said Chirkov.

The main focus of Blunt skincare’s cannabis face oil collection is to give people of all skin types — clear, smooth, and radiant skin. Blunt skincare launched with the cannabis face oil collection consisting of three potent plant-based serums: Seed, Isolate and Moonrock. The three products are specialized for different consumer needs. Though they all feature superstar cannabis-derived ingredients, each is very different in its chemical structure and interaction with skin.




SEED Hydrating Face Oil is derived from hemp seeds, which do not contain CBD but are nutritious and super moisturizing. SEED contains sacha inchi and blackberry oils for a daily dose of hydration. It is lightweight and suitable for all skin types.




ISOLATE Pure CBD Balancing Face Oil contains the cleanest form of cannabidiol without THC. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, so those with inflamed skin will appreciate its soothing properties. Antimicrobial black cumin, healing rosehip, and balancing blue tansy, work together to calm acne-prone skin.




MOONROCK Full Spectrum Renewal Face Oil contains 200mg of whole plant extract—a full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Moonrock is an antioxidant powerhouse, formulated with anti-aging oils such as sea buckthorn, prickly pear, and argan. Moonrock is our deepest nourishing oil to help fight free radicals and boost skin’s renewal.




To package the Blunt skincare line, Chirkov looked for a folding carton with sustainable aspects that would further impart the brand’s mission of authenticity and natural ingredients. Chirkov says he selected NEENAH® Folding Board 100% PC White for the thickness of the paper, knowing it would securely protect the glass bottles full of face oils, and for its bright white shade and for its printability. “I was thrilled when I saw how well the printing came out. The colors on each of the packages perfectly match the color of the oils in the bottles. I didn’t expect it to be so precise. We couldn’t be happier with the launch of our brand and how the packaging truly represents who we are,” said Chirkov.

Blunt skincare products can be purchased in select boutique stores as well as at