Heart Symbol At Center of New Gordon’s Gin Packaging

Design Bridge has developed a dramatic new package design for Gordon’s Gin, almost 15 years after having redesigned the previous bottle. Inspired by a trip into the brand’s past, which revealed an advertising campaign with the tagline “the heart of a good cocktail” along with heart-shaped labels from 1920s bottles, the heart symbol is at the center of the new design. Another significant change:  the Gordon’s wordmark on the label has been hand drawn and the brand’s original boar logo is more visible.


Changes have also been made to the bottle itself: it is slightly slimmer and taller than before, and the label is applied to the curved side of the bottle instead of the flat side in order to help it project from the shelf.  The glass bottle itself has a heart shape with “botanical flourishes” embossed onto it.


Chief Creative Officer Graham Shears of Design Bridge says that the goal was to “reassert Gordon’s position as the top selling gin brand” at a time when the segment is booming. “We saw it as an opportunity to guide the packaging onto the next part of its journey,” says Shearsby. “It’s always been quite a functional bottle, part of what we tried to do was bring more life to it.” The firm has offices in London, New York, Amsterdam and Singapore.