Baci Packaging Returns To Italian Roots

Decluttering Generic Elements

B&B studio has worked with Nestlé on a redesign for its heritage chocolate brand Baci. While in recent years the brand has adopted a more global feel, the aim of this design refresh was to help Baci refocus its status as an Italian icon.



To this end, B&B created a refreshed packaging design that seeks to delivers bolder clarity, while re-emphasizing an Italian style. The logo itself has been simplified, delivering greater emphasis to the flamboyant shape of the original classic Baci logotype. Product names and descriptors are sharpened, while product imagery is emboldened and there is a general decluttering of generic visual elements. The design heroes the famous shape of the Baci chocolate and it is also used as a spot-varnished background pattern offering a contemporary, almost gift-wrapped feel.



Finally, the love note that is included inside every Baci chocolate has been returned to the Italian language with a single English translation, enabling greater readability and authenticity.



“Having the chance to work with such a well-loved brand has been a real joy,” comments Kerry Bolt, co-founder of B&B studio. “We always relish the opportunity to nurture brand equities that have been around for years. A sympathetic understanding of a brand’s history is crucial to ensuring its impact moving forward.”