JAM Cleans Up Ajax Portfolio

When Colgate-Palmolive wanted to grow its portfolio of AJAX sprays across Europe, the Global Design Team turned to branding agency JAM (Johnson and McGreevy) to collaborate with and create a unified design for its portfolio of cleaning products. “To make it easier to navigate the shelf, we created a contemporary look, simplified design and used color to maximize impact and appeal. Pairing this with contemporary, clean illustrations allowed us to provide clear messaging for each product,” says Peter Johnson, founder, JAM.


To cut through clutter, the AJAX logo was enhanced by removing the yellow and white swoosh and positioning a white burst above the letterforms on a white background, enhancing the impact of the logo and creating a powerful brand block on shelf. Usage icons were added as visual cues and then integrated with a color-coded swoosh to distinguish each variant and depict active cleaning. Product names were also simplified to one or two words, and lighter and brighter colors were employed across the line. “The JAM team redesigned our Ajax Spray Range in a distinctive way that allowed for the core values of the brand to be communicated through design while delivering the so-much-needed simplicity and clarity of product offer,” comments Sofia Kalligeri, Strategy & Innovation Manager EU Colgate-Palmolive.