Humble Flower, Next Level Cannabis-Infused Skincare

Humble Flower began in beautiful Humboldt County CA where two women forged a friendship based on their mutual passion for cannabis cultivation and the plant’s therapeutic benefits. Thea Wayne and Jordan Darian co-founded Humble Flower to bring the topical healing properties of cannabis into a collection of luxury skincare products.

The pair met sitting next to one another in a photography class at Humboldt State University. Darian was also apprenticing with a master grower, learning the intricacies of the cannabis business. Wayne joined her for a time before traveling to Nepal to complete a business internship helping women in the agriculture industry streamline sales. With limited internet access, Wayne journaled and dreamed up business plans after returning to the United States.



Caption: Thea Wayne and Jordan Darian, co-founders of Humble Flower skincare products


“I began writing ideas in a small journal I brought with me, outlining what essentially became the base of Humble Flower: Lotions, balms, and oils. I already had a lot of insight into what the cannabis market was like. There were really no well-formulated, effective topicals. Unfortunately, I spent most of the next two years in bed or at home due to an undiagnosed illness. Still, I kept my mind busy building Humble Flower. With my mother’s support, a nurse and herbalist, I formulated the core products for Humble Flower. We launched into several California licensed dispensaries in 2016,” says Wayne.  

By this time, Darian had moved to Los Angeles in search of a change. Says Darian, “After Thea launched Humble Flower and began gaining traction, she visited me in LA. While in town, she asked me to work with her at a couple of trade shows, and we realized, not only did we make a great team, but to expand Humble Flower, she’d need to join me in SoCal as soon as possible.

We saw a gap in the cannabis market for a high-end topical line. The only topicals in the market were either very masculine or had plain packaging or both. I knew we needed to set ourselves apart and that the industry was lacking in this category. Thea moved to LA soon after I came aboard the team, and shortly after that, we began discussing rebranding!” 

The Addition of Edition

Humble Flower reached out to the complementary entrepreneurial design duo at Edition, co-founders Malin Dubets, and Katelyn Peterson. The pair started their studio after working together at a San Francisco multi-disciplinary design firm. Like Wayne and Darian, the team was intrigued by the budding cannabis industry. Initially working with an industry expert, Salwa Ibrahim, on various projects and eventually expanding to topicals, oral sprays, Flower, and drinks.



Caption: Malin Dubets and Katelyn Peterson of Edition reimagined every aspect of the Humble Flower brand

Dubets recalls, “We were/are drawn to cannabis because of the passion, enthusiasm, and incredible work ethic of the people in this industry. Their focus on the power of cannabis, helping others, and their products’ quality is inspiring. Humble Flower being no exception. They push boundaries, look at their brand holistically (design, products, marketing, etc.), and have carved out a corner for themselves in a booming industry of brands and products.”

Packaging That Is Anything But Humble

Humble Flower looked to Edition to advance its packaging and destigmatize the use of cannabis. Says Dubets, “We have a shared vision for what the Humble Flower brand should be: clean, minimal, rich, with special, unique “moments” sprinkled in. After our first meeting, we hit the ground running: redesigning their logo, packaging, website, client touchpoints, product displays, merchandise, trade booths, you name it. Together, we reimagined every aspect of their brand.”



Caption: For the Humble Flower boxes, Edition chose Neenah® Folding Board in Eggshell finish and Estate® Label No. 8 for the product labels


Humble Flower’s products are made using superior quality CBD and natural ingredients. They have been crafted to absolute perfection. When considering packaging, they knew it would be essential to illustrate that craftsmanship through ultra-clean design and top-of-the-line materials married with specialty printing techniques.

For the refresh, Edition selected luxurious, Neenah® Folding Board and Estate® Label No.8 papers. Says Peterson, “When our printer shared the Neenah Folding Board sample book we sensed — without hesitation — that was the paper and selected it on the spot. The labels were easy. We have been using Neenah’s Estate papers for our wine label designs for years. We knew the gold foil and litho would look amazing and stand up to any wear and tear beauty products undergo.”

Adding marble-printing inside by featuring 4-color litho, blind debossing (to create a marble-like texture), and foil-stamped gold veining boosts the products’ minimal appeal. It makes a moment of engagement upon opening the box.



Caption: Adding marble-printing inside by featuring 4-color litho, blind debossing, and foil-stamped gold veining boosts the products’ minimalist approach


Comments Darian, “Our customers are happily surprised when they open one of our boxes and see the elegant marble gold foil pattern inside. That particular element of thoughtful design makes an emotional connection. When you pick up one of our bottles or receive any of our promotional materials, you instantly engage with the paper’s weight and texture.”

A large part of the design was intended to destigmatize the use of cannabis as a valuable part of health and wellness routines. Thick paper labels, eggshell uncoated boxes, frosted glass bottles imported from Italy, and gold closures, allow the Humble Flower Brand to sit on any counter without the worry or stigma that can accompany cannabis products.

Comments Darian, “The response to our new packaging has been overwhelmingly positive. After the debut, we launched into Anthropologie with our CBD line last fall. We work hard to create distinguished cannabis products that set us apart and keep us at the top of the premium topical category. Our eye-catching packaging has also opened the door for us to gift high profile celebrities and be part of exclusive events. Stay tuned; we are launching several more new products in 2020!”