T’was The Month Before Christmas

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Guest Blogpost by Corina Ludwig, President, FunctionFox Systems on why to try a FREE DEMO and take advantage of some sweet treats from FunctionFox – the leading timesheet and project management software for Creative professionals.

This sure has been one crazy year. Normally, the end of the year is a time when many of us step back from our daily grind to think about ways to make next year a better one with healthy eating, more exercise or changing bad habits. This year, priorities have become even more clear and we resolve to make personal changes that will improve our lives and those of our loved ones.

And for those still fortunate to have work, the creative industry demands quick reaction to emerging challenges, meeting crushing deadlines, coasting on the high of creativity, and letting the other business system stuff slide. Looking back at the end of this year, we see more clearly that we need to focus our New Year’s resolutions on revising our top priorities and the way we handle the ‘business’ of creativity.

Time is the ultimate New Business Year resolution. You need time to do your best creative work and develop ideas to their fullest, time to reflect on past projects, current and future clients, and staff productivity, time to discover new markets and technology, to get a feel for emerging trends, and to focus on better ways of doing business.

When you’re busy and revenues are up, you need to maximize profits, streamline workflow and make sure you’re capturing all your billable hours and project costs.

T’was The Month Before Christmas

T’was the month before Christmas, and what a year it’s been,
Pandemic, politics, and news – like a movie scene
Wishing the best to friends, family and sending them care,
Love, light and happiness we’ve hoped to share.

Yet the work continued, and creative teams were busy,
With deadlines to complete, they felt in a tizzy.
Concepts were developed and designed to a tee
In hopes that Clients would love and agree.

Timesheets were filled out, with paper and pen,
Billable hours were lost, and profits were slim.
Estimates, retainers, and many budgets to compare,
Not seeing actual versus estimate had some pulling out their hair.

Traffic Managers felt frantic, with so many deadlines to meet,
Seeing who was working on what felt like an impossible feat,
Admin time was piling up faster than snow on the ground,
It was becoming increasingly clear that a solution had to be found,

When out in the snow there arose such a clatter,
Designers sprang from their desk to see what was the matter,
Away to the window, they flew in flocks
Tore open the blinds, and there was SmartFox.

No bag full of toys, no jolly red attire,
He wore a fox hat, and had a coat to admire,
We invited him in for a cookie and treat cup,
He opened his laptop, and a free demo we signed up.

Their eyes lit up, like lights on a tree,
They began to see how they could stay creative and free,
It was the greatest gift, they could have received,
FunctionFox made life so much easier it almost wasn’t believed

He wagged his tail, and said his work here was done,
He left with our headaches, going from many to none,
I heard him exclaim, as he walked back into the night…

“From Nov 30 to Dec 31, make the New Year bright!”


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