Pearlfisher Packaging Breaks Barriers

Square Shape Increases Shipping Efficiency

Byoma began as a passion project for Founder Marc Elrick and his team, who were looking for a skin barrier enhancing solution for current skincare routines. The brand aspires to challenge the status quo of over-treated, over-exfoliated skin; combining barrier care with dermatologist-approved, clinically proven skin-science to boost, build, balance, and brighten the skin.



Jess Phillips, Pearlfisher Design Director, contends: “BYOMA is a bold, innovative, and colorful brand on a mission to shake up the world of skincare. To represent this visually, we worked collaboratively with Marc and his team to create sleek, joyful and distinctive packaging with standout shelf presence that makes you want to find out more about the pioneering products.” The split ‘O’ in the brand’s logo is an homage to the company’s objective of breaking beauty barriers with breakthrough formulae, while the modern font and iconography lend itself to showing the company’s science, ingredients, and innovation.



All BYOMA packaging is made from recyclable 100% mono-material plastic and has eliminated excess packaging. By utilizing mono materials, responsibly disposing of BYOMA products is easy, effortless, and convenient in curbside recycling. The square shape makes shipping more efficient – thus lowering the brand’s carbon footprint – and allows all information that would traditionally be printed on cardboard outers to be displayed on each of the four sides of the pack instead. 



Everything BYOMA creates has been designed to be refillable to encourage a circular approach to beauty, with refills coming Spring 2022. These pump-free versions for their products will eliminate the need for non-recyclable pouch style refills and minimize reliance on single use plastic – meaning the only elements of their products which are not fully recyclable in household waste (droppers, mists & pumps) are designed to be reused again and again.

Byoma is available now via numerous outlets including Target, Boots and Cult Beauty.