Pentagram Invokes Venn Diagram For Science-Based Skincare Line

Pentagram has developed the branding for VENN, a science-based skincare line, including naming for the product, brand strategy, positioning and messaging, and visual identity, packaging and website. Made of nontoxic ingredients, the anti-aging concentrate combines the multiple steps that typically involve numerous products into a streamlined process and, reports the company, its advanced technology penetrates skin more effectively. Pentagram developed a strategy that focuses on the science behind the product, creating  the concept of “warm science” as the foundation of the rational, evidence-based skincare brand.




Warm science is intended to encompasses the product’s seeming contradictions — it’s efficient and practical, yet premium and luxurious; it’s made of natural key ingredients, yet technologically advanced. The concept is also captured in the name, inspired by a Venn diagram, suggesting the overlapping of elements and the intersection of science and nature, its many benefits distilled into a single formulation, and the potency of the combination. The logo layers the “V” and the “N,” forming a Venn diagram that visually echoes the name and conveys the integrative qualities of the product. The look and feel is minimal, conveying efficiency and efficacy.




Natasha Jen is partner on the project; the Pentagram team included Ran Zheng, Joseph Han, Georgina McDonald, and Ena Yun, with collaborator Brenda Natoli. Photography is by Gentl and Hyers