Pineapple Crowns New King’s Hawaiian Packaging

King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls’ signature 12-pack in the orange plastic bag has long been a fixture on grocery store shelves. But the company has been expanding its food product offerings, branching out into coffees and a line of BBQ sauces, and the change presented a need for a clearer and stronger logo. “


We need to evolve our current brand marque and get it to work in all these mediums in a more authentic way,” said Stuart Whitworth, CCO of Flood Creative, which reengineered the brand’s visuals and packaging. The design solution:  take King’s stylized rendition of the top of a pineapple – a tiny emblem lost at the bottom of the original label – and move it center stage. Another nice touch: the design firm created a subtle floral motif – hibiscus, Hawaii’s state flower – that frames the new logo on the bag of rolls and is used as a shrink-wrapped cap for the bottles of BBQ sauce.