Sam Adams Packaging Features Statue, Star and Shield

Boston Beer Co. has redesigned the packaging and iconography for its signature brand, Sam Adams Boston Lager, the pioneering craft beer debuted in 1984. Sales have been flagging as the brand has outgrown its original “craft” niche.  Jim Koch, who first introduced Sam Adams Boston Lager comments: “The new look reflects a bold, authentic, patriotic version of Samuel Adams and a return to our roots and to the spirit of Samuel Adams, the great Revolutionary patriot.



As you’ll see, we’ve prominently displayed an image of the iconic statue of Samuel Adams at Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall, which is located just down the road.  To us, the star represents colonial America, and we positioned our perfect pint glass in the center to reflect that we’re putting great beer at the heart of America.


I’m proud to say that for over 32 years we’ve remained an independent craft brewer, continued to push boundaries, and encouraged others to pursue their passions. We’ve always approached our brewing with a bold and fearless creativity and this new packaging reflects just that.” No graphic design credits have been released.