SeaPak Redesign Invites Consumers To Chillax

Voicebox has redesigned the SeaPak frozen seafood logo and 30+ product SKUs to better align the brand with its message of allowing busy families to “chillax” and escape the stress of meal time with nutritious and easy-to-prepare offerings. “SeaPak’s insight and confidence to put the consumers’ lifestyle first in their brand messaging was key in our design process,” explains Jacques Rossouw, Creative Director for Voicebox. “Designing for today’s consumer involves listening and observing how a brand’s story is seen, heard and experienced in the market.”


The refined look marries the brand’s classic equities to attributes it wishes to communicate to new consumers looking for real food ingredients. Voicebox made the products the focal point of the packaging, inviting consumers to picture a relaxing, healthy and easy-to-make meal. This includes positioning the products on a nautical-themed white plank background with light blue accents, adding a more current font, and highlighting the brand’s inception date to add authenticity. SeaPak is the number one frozen seafood brand; Kristen Beadon is Marketing Manager at the company.