Commanding Presence For Veterans Cut Bourbon

GDUSA is publishing a series of stories on our favorite package designs, inspired by the Idea Shop by Neenah, a resource to help creatives effectively use paper-based materials to reimagine dynamic and effective solutions.

Veterans Cut is a Limited Release Bourbon crafted as one of Eight Oaks Farm Distillery’s many efforts to give back to their community. This particular release was done to support Northwestern Lehigh Veterans Memorial in Lehigh County PA.

The package design by Jess Glebe Design achieves a commanding presence in the ultra-premium liquor space, showcasing a strong yet refined nod to veterans. “We incorporated gold foil into the labels using Neenah’s beautifully textured Royal Sundance® Brilliant White Felt paper stock,” explains Jess Glebe, owner and designer. “We sourced stock brass hang tags to note specific bottle numbers and serve as a visual bow to military dog tags.”

Glebe, whose award-winning firm specializing in unique branding, packaging, messaging and print design, adds: “The first release of Veterans Cut yielded just under 200 bottles. Making minimum print and packaging order quantities, coupled with ongoing supply-chain issues, was nothing short of a challenge. However, the price-per-package was well worth our efforts since these bottles are sold at a premium price point.”

Photo Credit: Carly Butters Snyder