Voice of Maasai Album: Circular And Colorful

GDUSA is publishing a series of stories on our favorite recent package designs, inspired by the Idea Shop by Neenah, a resource to help creatives effectively use paper-based materials to reimagine dynamic and effective solutions.

Kalo Shore Ele Linadito is centered around Voice of Maasai’s lead vocalist, Nemaa Koshuma and his pioneering spirit. The album art designer, Jessey Jansen of Little Lady Studio, explains that she tries to put herself in his shoes, i.e., “into the labyrinth, the meandering path, the confusing human-made structures that affect life in Maasailand and the Serengeti.” Voice of Maasai is an East African music collective that tells the stories and protects the culture of the Maasai today.

Circular elements weave their way into the album design as they are central in Maasai culture; from body marks to migration patterns in nature, to aerial views of the vast countryside dotted with circular bomas.

The limited edition art is inspired by the 12″ format of vinyl record covers, paying homage to keeping the music alive. It includes 6 layers of Astrobrights® papers by Neenah cut on Silhouette Cameo, taking full advantage of the grade’s wide range of bright colors and weights. “We wanted this artwork to serve as a beacon of hope,” adds Jansen, “an actionable way for our fans to be the catalyst for budding talent in Maasailand.”