A Guide To Choosing A Domain For Your E-commerce Business

A domain name is one of the essential business features when setting up an online store. The domain affects how people search and find you online. It sets you apart from the competition and also helps in attracting the audience using the SEO.

Here is a simple guide on how to find and select a domain name for your e-commerce site.

How to Create the Best Domain Name

Other than finding your available name, the main hurdle is to create the name itself. The first step when choosing a domain name is to consider your brand. The name you use determines how people perceive your business. Avoid any vulgar term even if it is the only available one you can come up with.

While also looking into your brand, remember to stay unique. Do not attempt to use a variation of the already established eCommerce. It sets you up as a low-value copy and reduces your authenticity.

The other factor to consider when choosing a domain is the ease to type. Avoid complex characters like hyphens and underscores. You should also avoid numbers as most people are never sure whether to spell out or write as a numerical.

The keyword is also relevant when choosing a domain name. Look for a domain name that comes with lots of searches but less competition. The title should complement your website. It should be easy to integrate with WooCommerce builder for a user friendly and interactive e-commerce site.

How to Find a Domain Name

Now that you have your name in mind, it’s time to claim it. The primary concern when it comes to domain names is the scarcity. The increase in internet connectivity means more websites are moving online. Most of the lucrative names have been taken. There is always a chance that yours is part of the ones that are not available. Currently, it is almost impossible to find any available two and three-letter word domains. That is not to say you won’t have a site simply because somebody else has your desired name.

The first option to consider when your name is not available is to find a creative adjustment. Including minor variations like the term, ‘the’ to your domain can make all the difference.

The other alternative is to include an alternative extension. Most sites tend to use the .com extension. The other popular options to consider include .net and .store. The need for extensions has seen the rise of other custom made extensions using your name or any other term that you like.

The other option is to buy the domain name you desire. Several people make a living from selling domain names. They look for some catchy titles, then keep until the demand arises. There are several sites to search for the domain names.

Another buying option even though promises little success, is to wait for the current active name to expire then buy. This is not advisable as it involves waiting for long. Some people have automatic name renewal which means you never know if the name will become available. If you are planning to buy your name, use the internet domain name searches to find the information about the name. Look for the current owner, the current topic, and when it will expire. Keep tracking the info and seize it up immediately it expires.


A domain name is the first step towards creating a profitable e-commerce site. Once you have the perfect domain name, feel free to choose a reputable website builder for your needs. Also, couple it up with other SEO strategies for a selling e-commerce site.