Clear EnvyPak Envelopes USPS Approved For Wafer Seal Closures

News For Direct Mail Advertisers and Services

Univenture’s EnvyPak® envelopes have received updated USPS automation letter approval for closure with wafer seal. Advertisers have long turned to EnvyPak for their higher ROI and open rate for businesses and consumers and now, with USPS wafer sealing approval, EnvyPak clear envelopes are compatible with a wider range of printer and mail house automation capabilities. The result is a reduction in postage and processing costs, opening the door to a wider marketing audience.

Univenture and EnvyPak brand Sales Director Jim Geers says, “We are encouraged to offer a superior direct marketing and customer retention product while bringing down costs to our customers. We remain dedicated to supporting our customers and the USPS with a superior product that delivers results and is compatible with automated processing.”

EnvyPak machine-insertable clear envelopes are different from the plastic sleeves and poly mailers you often see stuffed with coupons, fliers and newspapers. EnvyPak clear poly envelopes are sturdy, fully-constructed, four-sided envelopes with an open side and provide a protective border. Long term experience in the mail stream has proved that they hold up when they go through postal machining and inserting because they’re made with a robust, 4.5 mil clear polypropylene that’s specially engineered for compatibility with most automation equipment.

Univenture, based in Ohio, manufactures EnvyPak, which is used widely by prestigious brands in auto, travel, financial services, and luxury brands and other customer acquisition opportunities.