Coming Soon: Big Data, Big Design: Why Designers Should Care About Artificial Intelligence

Big Data, Big Design by Helen Armstrong provides designers with the tools they need to harness the potential of machine learning and put it to use for good through thoughtful, human-centered, intentional design. Enter the world of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through a design lens in this handbook of practical skills, technical knowledge, interviews, essays, and theory, written specifically for designers. Gain an understanding of the design opportunities and design biases that arise when using predictive algorithms. Learn how to place design principles and cultural context at the heart of AI and ML through real-life case studies and examples. This accessible guide will give beginners and more advanced AI and ML users confidence to make reasoned, thoughtful decisions when implementing ML design solutions. Helen Armstrong is a professor of graphic design at North Carolina State University in Raleigh NC. Her previous books include Graphic Design Theory, and Participate.

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