Counterprint Book: Big Type Can Cut Through Clutter

Leave Your Inhibitions Behind

Big Type explores graphic design and identity work where emphasis is on typography, or as Jon Dowling, cofounder of online bookstore and publisher, Counterprint explains, “a big fun book of type-related identity design.” Born from the premise that the visual landscape is very cluttered and the digital world alone is so vast and that it is hard to make your voice heard above the noise, the work in the book examines design solutions that stand out and cuts through the noise. “All the projects in the book were chosen for their strength of conviction,” says Dowling, “which was intended to cut through the visual noise we encounter every day and communicate a message, elicit a response or represent a call to action.”



The book is divided into sections that look at scale, repetition, cropping, distortion and interaction and is packed full of imagery from some of the world’s best graphic design companies. Big Type also contains agency interviews and project descriptions. There are three cover color options to pick from.



“I hope it inspires people to sometimes leave their inhibitions behind when designing and push themselves a little further than they are comfortable with,” adds Dowling. “My hope, with all our books, is that people will see that design can be a creative, fun, passionate, intelligent and rewarding experience – both for the intended audience and the designer making the work.”