‘Everything Under the Sun’ Is A Classic

How can paper be an integral element in great design? Neenah answers that question, yet again, with Everything Under the Sun, a new promotion that showcases its Neenah CLASSIC Papers portfolio. From an embossed cover produced on CLASSIC CREST®, Solar White, high-fidelity printing, to images that incorporate the textures of CLASSIC® Techweave or CLASSIC® Woodgrain into the design, the promotional piece houses a combination of creative design, print techniques, and a variety of paper shades, colors and textures to create inspiration, enhance visions, and help take ideas where they might lead.


“CLASSIC® Papers are the standard of excellence, the go-to portfolio for creatives looking to elevate any design project. The timeless shades and colors and the unique textures in this collection provide a starting point for design thinking, a pathway to take any project from idea to highly creative finish. This book is designed for designers. It’s printed primarily with four color processing to show how paper selection can be the key to taking your ideas to the next level, in any space from retail and real estate to hospitality and beyond. CLASSIC® Papers are quite simply, perfect for every project under the sun,” said Ellen Bliske, Senior Brand Manager. The promotion is developed by Design Army.