FunctionFox Celebrates 20th Year With Free Demo

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For 20 years, FunctionFox has been the leading time tracking and project management choice for creative professionals. In 2020 we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary by releasing FunctionFox Gantt charts – an important new development that will give users crystal clear 20/20 insight into their business, in a simple, easy-to-use format.

Clearer and Clearer

A clear and accurate picture of where the time goes is vital for every creative professional. “Accurate time tracking is essential to profitability,” says Paul Roetzer, founder and CEO of PR2020 – and long-time FunctionFox user – “FunctionFox gives agency professionals the ability to run real-time reports on hours by project, client, and employee. This information is vital.” FunctionFox has always made it easy to capture time accurately, with a suite of features that are easy to implement and grow increasingly valuable over time. “The longer people use FunctionFox,” says Corina Ludwig company President and Partner, “The more data they have to base decisions on. The picture they have of their business gets clearer and clearer.”


Gantt Charts: Clarity at a Glance

In 2020, FunctionFox is introducing new project management capabilities with the launch of its easy-to-use Gantt charts. Gantt charts give creative professionals easy-to-interpret visual information about projects, clients, and personnel – with the ability to quickly drill down to details when needed. “This is our 20th anniversary year,” says Ludwig, “We are proud to be able to offer our subscribers this powerful new project management capability.”



With Gantt charts’ flexible, efficient scheduling, stakeholders across an organization can clearly see – in just a glance – where a project stands, what remains to be done, and how all elements of a project fit together. “Gantt charts can hold and display a tremendous amount of data in a very accessible way,” says Ludwig. “The whole team can see immediately what needs to be done.” FunctionFox Gantt charts show all phases of work as well as actions, milestones and meetings, and changes are quick easy with drag-and-drop editing. You get crystal clear, 20/20 insight in a simple, easy-to-use format.”

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