Mohawk Fine Papers Launches Paper With A Plan

Since 1931, Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc. has been crafting papers for designers and printers around the globe. As North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of fine papers and envelopes, and in celebration of their 90th year of operation, Mohawk is turning the page on paper specification. The company has refined and reorganized its portfolio into five distinct Collections that help make choosing paper for its properties and attributes easier. All the grades that Mohawk produces still exist, but the new organization seeks to eliminate the guesswork behind paper specification, giving users a simpler, more straightforward way to think about paper.

Introducing Paper With a Plan

“It is Mohawk’s belief that selecting paper should be simpler, not unlike other shopping experiences,” says Mike Madura, Senior Vice President of Product at Mohawk. “While seasoned experts in the industry can easily navigate the detailed landscape of paper properties, new creators start the journey with little experience and even less knowledge of the world of paper and print. As experts, Mohawk believes our new Paper With A Plan approach will help designers – or anyone working in print – make confident and project-appropriate choices.”

To showcase the changes, Mohawk created the Paper With a Plan Collections Kit. This 6×9″ container is filled with unbound booklets representing each Collection. Each booklet contains printed demonstrations and samples including printed colors and textures that are approximate representations of all the papers that can be found from the full offering in that Collection. (To receive a kit, contact your Mohawk Representative or use the Connect With Us form.

“Making an informed paper selection is key to making print that stands out and creates impact,” Melissa Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer at Mohawk, shared. “Updating the way we think and talk about paper ensures success. Paper With a Plan captures perfectly the vision and passion we believe exists for the future of fine papers and print. With a 90-year legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, Mohawk will continue to lead the way for our community of Makers to make print more beautiful, effective, and memorable.”