Neenah: Create Memorable Moments

Neenah is the sponsor of our 2022 American Package Design Awards.™ For more than 100 years, Neenah has delivered solutions and services to bring your brand vision to life and transform ideas into results through innovative, sustainable, premium paper-based substrates. In addition, Neenah has recently launched Idea Shop, a program aimed to convey the power of paper and support the creative process on or offline. The campaign kicks off with a printspirational website featuring real-world examples from direct mail and marketing collateral to packaging, labels, and signage.

Brand decision makers and designers alike are all working towards a common goal — create memorable moments to drive brand loyalty.

Brand loyalty is not a new concept, but the ways in which brands build loyalty with their customers has changed. Today, consumers are exposed to an average of six digital touchpoints, all before making the decision to “add to cart”. With an increased focus on mobile-first shopping, how can brands build the same level of loyalty with their consumers both in-store and online?

As the digital marketplace continues to expand, consumers are more in tune with physical touchpoints to connect with the brands they love. Whether it’s the brick-and-mortar locations or the perfectly packaged parcels on their doorstep, customers crave an exceptional experience throughout their consumer journey. To keep them coming back, and have them raving about your brand to others, use every available option to wow and win them over.


In a competitive retail environment, no detail can be overlooked. Everything from window signage to gift card holders should be considered. Take a small detail like hang tags; the weight and texture of the paper, the design, and even the shape silently communicate a brand’s ethos long after the guest has left with their purchase. Adding cutting-edge printing embellishments like embossing or foil stamping give the tags a must-touch appeal. For sustainability-minded brands, this is one more opportunity to convey those values by simply using beautiful and recyclable, uncoated paper-based tags.

Humble Flower seed packets
Humble Flower seed packets are an extension of the brand identity and act as surprise and delight for customers receiving their products.


Incorporating clever point of sale signage is another area to reinforce brand messaging and style. Instead of traditional signage, why not wow guests with your wall coverings by using a vivid mural, backlit display, or eye-catching wallcovering for maximum impact? At the checkout counter, upgrade gift card displays to encourage shoppers to pick up a card or two to share with others.

Point of purchase signage
Point of purchase signage can be sustainable with paper-based solutions.

Gift cards don’t just make great gifts during the holidays — they also act as portable billboards for your brand. Newer paper-based cards are not only more sustainable, but they also allow for more enhancements through design. Encourage touch with details like custom shapes, metallic inks, or foil-stamping. Offering a giftable carrier decked out in texture, color and a unique format might just make the difference in someone deciding on a last-minute gift.

Little extras in the shopping bag go a long way toward nurturing your relationship with your customers. 61% of consumers think surprise gifts and offers are the most important way a brand can interact with them. Luxury brands differentiate by refining the checkout experience through surprise ingredients.1 Follow their example and slip in a personal thank you note and wrap packages with custom papers and labels. Include branded product information cards and future promotions for shoppers to discover when they show off their purchases at home.

Gift and loyalty cards
Gift and loyalty cards are mini billboards that can be embellished to capture a brand’s ethos. Consider adding die-cuts, foils, embossing and other print techniques to elevate your brand.


The unboxing moment has become a pivotal experience for consumers. Thousands of videos document what used to be a benign experience, proving how much the small details matter in today’s world.

First impressions matter! Use a clearly branded box, or consider a custom lined corrugate. Take advantage of digital printing and include a personalized thank you note printed on wonderfully textured paper. Design keepsake inserts with inspirational quotes or product tips or include collectibles like branded stickers and labels that shoppers can only get by ordering from you. Ensure that every product inside is boxed or wrapped to perfection, waiting to be discovered and shared.

Every touchpoint is like a chapter in your authentic brand story. Packaging, gift cards, signage, labels, business cards, shopping bags, boxes, cards, and envelopes can propel brands forward and increase demand. It is the physical touchpoints, crafted from paper, that set the tone for today’s brands.

Think outside the box
Think outside the box. Exceed your customer’s expectation with every interaction

To stand out from the competition, seek cutting-edge substrates that are eye-catching, earth conscious, and exceed shopper expectations. Trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, Neenah has solutions for every step in the customer’s journey. Inspire, entice, delight, and reach your customers in innovative and exceptional ways that’ll have your loyal fans begging for more.

REFERENCES 1. Merkle. 2019 Loyalty Barometer Report: What Consumers Think of Loyalty & Reward Programs.