Pantone Embraces Inclusivity

As an authority on color, Pantone has the influence to connect and affect the world through aesthetics. After showing its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, the company is now taking the next big step by launching SkinTone Validated, a checker that resolves to take authentic skin colors as they are and ensure accuracy in their final displays. Described as “the world’s first validating program for skin tones for technology,” the service, patent pending, expands upon Pantone’s existing Validated color certification program so television, display, mobile, and printer manufacturers can be confident that skin tones are authentically represented. The new program is based on Pantone’s SkinTone matching guide, which encompasses 110 discrete and distinct skin tones rooted in thousands of measurements from diverse ethnicities and age groups.

The first to undergo this validation program is BenQDisplays, which has gotten its DesignVue PD3205U and PD 2705U models verified for Pantone Skin tone precision. “We are extremely proud to be on the cutting edge of inclusivity in technology with our Pantone SkinTone Validated program,” says Iain Pike, Director of Licensing & Business Development at the color authority. “We look forward to working with companies across industries to realize skin tone color accuracy in their products and services for a better and more accurate experience with their technology.”