The Importance of Automatic Monitoring

Running a website is something that is becoming incredibly popular in our world today. They can be a great way to share your passion, to spread information and even to make money. In addition to websites, many companies utilize web applications to help keep their operations in tact and efficient.

As the role of IT has exploded, it is becoming cumbersome for IT professionals to handle everything on their own, as they are responsible for way more now than they were even a decade ago. So whether you run a website as a business, or you use web apps or websites to help run your business, automatic monitoring is something you should consider. Automatic monitoring of your IT is incredibly important, and this article is going to look at a few reasons why.

Saving Time and Money

In the past, monitoring was often done manually. At the time, this was fine, but as demands and the overall role of IT grew, it simply wasn’t viable anymore. If you still have people manually monitoring your IT, not only will it take up a ton of time, but it could prove to be quite complex and hard to follow, depending on the company, app or website.

By using automatic monitoring, you are freeing up a ton of employee hours and thus saving yourself money, but also improving the efficiency of your company. Sure, the tools needed to do this automatic monitoring will cost money, but you will still save in the long run.

 Making Sure You Are Always “Up”


In order to run a successful website or web app, you need your customers or employees to be able to access it. While most of the time things will be good, there is always the threat of downtime. But if you use automatic server uptime monitoring, you will be notified as soon as a potential error or issue is found, and will be able to diagnose it within seconds.

Without automatic monitoring, the likelihood of experiencing downtime increases a lot. Not only that, but once you discover the reason for the downtime or the error that occurred, a lot of time has potentially passed and recovery can often take time as well, just adding insult to injury. And with downtime costing companies a ton of money, it isn’t something to mess with.

 Offering You Complete Visibility and Access

If you don’t utilize automatic monitoring, as we mentioned, it can be tough to find the root of a potential issue. Thankfully, many automatic monitoring solutions give you complete access and visibility to all of your systems, which makes scoping out issues much easier and more efficient than a person manually searching without this solution in place. Something might only take a few minutes to find now, when it could have taken hours in the past.

Not only that, but if you want to go back and look at logs or see a previous error and how it was rectified and such, doing so manually could be quite a long endeavor. All in all, automatic monitoring just makes everything easier and more efficient, whether you are currently looking at issues or learning from ones that occurred in the past.

Automatic monitoring for your company’s website or web app is incredibly important. It can provide you with so many benefits, and with many automatic monitoring tools out there, you are sure to be able to find one that works for you and your unique needs. Of course, automatic monitoring tools are relatively new and aren’t perfect, but many companies and websites are making the switch.