7UP Brand Identity Promises ‘UPliftment’

Mauro Porcini: A Feeling of Upward Energy

7UP® has announced a modern design that adds moments of ‘UPliftment’ and positivity and surprise to the everyday, and that elevates the brand’s international positioning. The initiative is said to signify a refreshed strategic and creative north star that will inform all international programs moving forward.

As a first intervention, 7UP is introducing the new brand identity with the expression ‘New Get Up, Same 7UP’. The visual identity system — which marks the first major overhaul in over seven years — represents a design that “better captures the brand essence” by maintaining 7UP’s iconic signature green coloring but with added zesty citrus tones. The design will be visible on 7UP and 7UP Zero Sugar bottles and cans, and will be activated through a multi-touchpoint comedy-centric campaign across static, motion and digital assets starting in March.



Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo says: “UPliftment is a concept that resonates with people globally. Our new visual identity for 7UP was inspired first and foremost by the brand’s creation of moments of UPliftment throughout its history. The PepsiCo Design & Innovation Team created a bright and confident visual identity system that will echo across cultures, regions, and languages. The new 7UP features the signature punchy green, but with added citrus hues and distinct high-contrast lines that portray a feeling of upward energy.”

Comedy has the ability to instantly make people feel uplifted; 7UP will embody the universal language of comedy to bring moments of UPliftment to people’s lives in unexpected ways. To strengthen the positioning, it will roll out its first consumer engagement platform this coming Spring across all of its international activations.



Eric Melis, VP Global Brand Marketing at 7UP, comments: “We’re excited to shine a light on our international positioning and reveal our visual identity system to the world. 7UP has always provided people with refreshing UPliftment through consumption and that’s why it feels like a natural fit for us to drive this narrative forward and center UPliftment within everything we do. With this announcement, we are also showing our commitment to grow our 7Up Zero Sugar range and accelerate the reduction of added sugar across the brand portfolio to meet our consumers demands and preferences. We’ve got one brand with two great product offerings, and we can’t wait for the world to see what else we have planned.”

As part of 7UP’s commitment to inspire people to make better choices, the brand is on a mission to reduce added sugars across its portfolio, helping them choose a balanced diet without taste compromise. 7UP Zero Sugar is one of the fastest-growing beverages in the soft drinks category; having launched in seven new markets in the last 12 months, it is currently available in 76 markets around the world.



The visual identity system will be rolled out worldwide from March, in all markets starting with Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Ireland, Latin America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UK, and all European markets.