Bit-O-Honey Packaging Skews Sophisticated

For almost one hundred years, Bit-O-Honey’s been a fixture of the grocery store candy aisle. Featuring a nutty honey taste and a hard-core fan base, the packaging wasn’t doing much to win over new customers, and market research showed there was an untapped audience of health-conscious candy lovers. So Spangler brought in Young & Laramore for a rebrand



The new packaging and identity position Bit-O-Honey as a subtly sweet fix to get you through your day. Vivid colors, custom type and illustrations showcase natural ingredients, especially real honey and roasted almond bits. Young & Laramore also reimagined the brand’s signature bee character with a newfound sense of humor. It all ladders up to showcase the just-sweet-enough taste, appealing to a more sophisticated snacker.



“We looked toward that modern style of snack packaging that skews toward a less adolescent audience,” said Trevor Williams, partner and executive creative director, Young & Laramore. “Obviously, we wanted to pay homage to the classic Bit-O-Honey packaging, reimagining the bee and the red, blue and yellow color palette. We were also inspired by the honey and almond ingredients in the candy. We wanted to show off this rich, flowing sort of decadent honey texture and create some stylized almonds with a more organic texture as well.”