Chase Squeezes Juice Into New Snack Bar

Squeezing more fruits and vegetables into a daily diet is easier with the roll out of Pressed by KIND from healthy snack brand KIND. The product is made through a process that requires no preservatives or fillers – just nutrient-dense ingredients, like fruit, veggies, and chia pressed together into a bar. KIND asked Chase Design Group to communicate the positioning by leveraging cues from the juicing category. This included hand-drawn type, bold color, and soft textural elements.


A new logo Pressed by KIND interprets the company’s master logo to create a sub-brand that can stand on its own while visually relating to the parent brand. According to Clark Goolsby, VP, Creative Director, Chase Design Group, “The packaging features hand-drawn type, vibrant natural colors and soft textures that are true to the lead ingredients in order to tell the story without showing the product.”