Discreet and Gender Neutral Condom Packaging for Trojan

Trojan, the top selling condom brand in North America, has introduced a sub-brand intended to be sophisticated and elegant and, as a result, to provide a more comfortable purchase and use experience for women as well as men.  Named Trojan XOXO, branding firm Invok is behind the identity and package design. Richard Shear, Partner and Chief Creative Officer for the firm, explains that the goal was to create an attractive and discreet presence, using graphics and packaging to help rewrite the rules for how both genders carry, store and use condoms.


Among the key elements of the solution: an outer sleeve that allows for the removal of the retail graphics; a reusable carton for home storage in an attractive package again with no retail graphics, a matching mini travel pack that holds 1-2 condoms and can be slipped into pocket or purse, a decorated condom foil, and a general visual identity that departs from traditional masculine cues and presents a contemporary gender-neutral perspective. General marketing for XOXO conveys a sense of shared responsibility for safe sex, including advertising created by Brooklyn’s The Joey Company. Invok has offices in New York and Toronto.



Images courtesy of Invok Brands and Sapient Razorfish/Benjamin Loh