Supporting Girls Who Code

To honor the trailblazers, Holler –  a self-described conversational media studio and tech messaging company – has created animated commemorative stamps of historical women for people to use in their message. Led and designed by the female talent on the Holler Studios team, the stickers serve to encourage conversation around these accomplished women and were inspired by commemorative stamps that allow users to send a little piece of history embodied in art along with their message. To support the next generation of women leaders, Holler is teaming up with Girls Who Code, an organization seeking to close the gender gap in tech. Every time a Women’s History Month sticker is used via the Holler App or one of their partner platforms, Holler will donate to Girls Who Code programs. Creative credits for the stamps include Senior Animation Director Michelle Porucznik, Associate Animation Director Lillian Xie, and Production Manager Hannah Middlekauf.