New MGD Identity Has Nothing To Hide

Molson Coors Beverage Company has unveiled a new identity for ’90s icon Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) in a move to reinvigorate the brand. Working with creative agency BrandOpus, the overhaul seeks to restore the authenticity of the brand and reflect the “genuineness” at its core.


Famous for its unique, cold-filtered process, MGD established itself as one of the biggest US beer brands in the ’90s, but had lost relevance with consumers in the two decades since. The BrandOpus team embraced a more authentic, ‘nothing-to-hide’ aesthetic that celebrates people who forge their own path.



Shifting away from an elaborate and ornamental styling, BrandOpus stripped back the brand to be a rawer version of itself. The gold, black and red palette is still there, but is used in a much bolder way. Likewise, the  eagle symbol, which had previously played a secondary role on pack, has been re-imagined as more distinctive and memorable. The red sun asset has also been strengthened so that it can acts as a beacon for the brand. The new design also employs a more contemporary and simple typographic style to further evoke a sense of realness within the brand.


Paul Taylor, chief creative officer and founding partner, BrandOpus, comments: “Historically seen as authoritarian and static, we breathed meaning back into the brand through a more powerful and lively execution of the eagle. Captured at the heart of the identity, we believe this distinctive asset brings a sense of depth and discovery to every moment with MGD.” Adds Anne Pando, senior marketing manager, Miller Genuine Draft: “BrandOpus has crafted a new identity which amplifies the equities and reimagines them for today and the future. Our flying eagle becomes the proud icon of a brand which once again has reason to soar.”