Spirit of Expressionism Inspires Van Gogh Vodka

Spring Design Partners combined the qualities of Van Gogh Vodka’s namesake, and those of the super-premium flavored vodka, to redesign the brand packaging. Ron Wong, Executive Creative Director for Spring Design Partners explains, “The Van Gogh Vodka brand represents the spirit of Expressionism and was founded on the principles of originality and individual pioneering spirit. In the redesign, we strive to present the brand through this filter. It is a simple yet bold visual strategy that creates a dynamic gallery of flavors that projects today’s desire for a unique and memorable experience.”

The new Van Gogh Vodka logo. (PRNewsFoto/Van Gogh Vodka)

The visual identity for the new Van Gogh Vodka packaging focuses on the “artistic mastery” of vodka.  A master brand mark consists of two main components – the Van Gogh Vodka “window” which sits on top of the other component, the Van Gogh Vodka  “paint mark.” The paint mark, reminiscent of the artist’s iconic work Starry Night is seen through the VAN GOGH VODKA letterforms. A total of 16 signature expressions make up the portfolio featuring the new design.