Tabasco Identity Brings The Spice

Color and Light Rather Than Heat

Tabasco enlisted New York creative agency Mrs&Mr to build its global visual identity with “Light Things Up” as its theme and new tagline. The revamp refines classic elements of the brand, so it’s still the same Tabasco that fans love.



Steering clear of imagery to insinuate flames or heat, the new brand system embraces bold colors and artwork instead. It is designed to be versatile, serving as a template that can be readily changed to reflect the needs and tastes of local markets, flavors, as well as activations.



The diamond-shaped logo has been redrawn, and illustrated backgrounds give off a more authentic, handmade quality. Other additions to the visual identity include vibrant food photography, a refreshed color palette, and polished typography. The overhaul is making its way across Tabasco’s communication channels worldwide.