Emoji Study: Thumbs Up To Thumbs Up

Eggplant Emoji Is Just Plain Confusing

In celebration of World Emoji Day earlier this summer, Adobe has compiled and shared the results of their 2021 Global Emoji Trend Report, which surveyed 7,000 people in the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, and South Korea. The study reveals the world’s favorite emoji, how emoji can boost your mental health and “cool” factor, the most misunderstood emoji, the emoji that can make or break a relationship, the surprising benefits of using emoji at work and much more.

The report found that using emoji at work helps users quickly share ideas (73%), makes team decision-making more efficient (63%), and reduces the need for meetings/calls (51%). The majority of emoji users like when people use emoji at work (66%) and feel emojis positively impact likability (71%) and credibility (62%).

The majority of global emoji users also agree that emoji make it easier for them to express themselves (90%) and communicate across language barriers (89%), while 67% of global emoji users think that people who use emoji are friendlier, funnier and cooler than those who don’t.

More than half of global emoji users are more comfortable expressing emotions through emoji than phone conversations (55%) and in-person conversations (51%). And furthermore, more than half of emoji users agree that using emoji in communications has positively impacted their mental health (55%). 76% of global emoji users believe that emoji are an important communication tool for creating unity, respect and understanding of one another.