HOW Design Live’s Purpose Is To Make A Difference

Guest Blogpost From Gary Lynch, VP/Group Show Director, HOW Design Live

The team at HOW Design Live spends quite a bit of time thinking about the role we play in the design profession and how we can make a difference in your careers — and lives.

We have a responsibility to ensure that the time and money you invest attending the conference delivers an experience that will have a positive and affirming impact on your work, your career and the choices you make in your life. What’s important to you is important to us.


What guides us is a sense of purpose and we’ve tried to capture what we believe that purpose is. So here it goes …

HOW Design Live’s purpose is to remind you of why you became a designer in the first place and to remind you that what you do makes a difference and has the capacity to change the world. 

HOW Design Live’s purpose is to help you identify what has meaning in your work and how you can shape your career, or life, to ensure that what you do is meaningful in whatever way is meaningful to you.

HOW Design Live’s purpose is to bring together like minded people who share the same sensibility about creativity and to help foster relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime.

HOW Design Live exists to serve you and your best interests because we believe every one of you can make a difference. That is the source of the passion, energy and sense of purpose we bring to work every day.

The power of design is driving change in our world and HOW Design Live is a catalyst to harness and release that power and in 2017 we’ve recruited what we believe is the strongest speaker roster we’ve ever assembled.


And our reputation for providing the most eclectic, iconic and powerful keynotes in the design industry continues in 2017 with speakers that include Malcolm Gladwell, DeeDee Gordon, David Carson, Pum Lefebure, Jeffrey Zeldman, Seymour Chwast, Jessica Hische, Amy Cuddy, Kelli Anderson, Natasha Jen, Timothy Goodman, Brian Collins and Mauro Porcini.

HOW Design Live 2017 will be a journey of discovery, inspiration and purpose that can’t be missed and one you will never forget. It’s where creatives converge to ignite their passion and create their futures. It’s where you need to be on May 2 – May 6 in Chicago. See you there.