Alterna Logo Signals Sustainable Steel

Common Good Forges Name, Logo, Identity

To signal the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the steel industry, with their new production process, Blacksmith Materials has rebranded as Alterna. Denver CO advertising agency Common Good paved the path forward by developing the new company name, the logo, and its overall visual identity. The name “Alterna” was selected to telegraph the company as the alternative to the old method of metal production. The U.S.-based technology company is focused on advancements that eliminate nearly all the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions typically associated with refining iron and steel (one of the largest contributors of emissions today). It essentially allows companies to make steel using less energy for a lower cost.

The logo was established to look timeless but with a modern aesthetic, the “A” symbol was designed to be an abstract representation of extruded metal from the mill, and the wordmark is set in a humble yet future-looking typeface. “The tone is provocative, optimistic and philanthropic,” said Andy Dutlinger, creative director. “We needed to accurately represent the positive impact, both environmentally and economically, that Alterna can bring to steel manufacturing — and the reality that this groundbreaking innovation could help fuel a new Industrial Revolution.”

Creative credits, in addition to Dutlinger, include: Associate Creative Director Emma Bryant, Copywriter Mia Godwin, Designer  Kent Ervin, Production Designer Kristin Goulet, Client Director Daniela Reyes, and Strategy Director Stefanie McNabb.