CBX Helps Smucker Pivot

Over the past two decades, The J.M. Smucker Company has transformed from a dedicated jams and jellies company to a $7.8 billion multi-category leader of food and beverage products, but the corporate mark didn’t reflect what the company had evolved into. The new identity and visual system created by CBX celebrates both the company’s heritage and its growth.The core of the program is a logo which is rooted in the legacy and heritage of the strawberry as an anchor; which features a pivot point to convey change; and which adds new shapes to express an expansive future while evoking modern artists like Picasso and Calder. As such, the mark captures the stability of family leadership while adding an extended visual world of vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and youthful energy that speak to the diversity of the portfolio and plans for continued growth.


Comments Rick Barrack, CBX Chief Creative Officer and co-founder: “Changing the visual identity of a 123 year old company is a tremendous responsibility and a great honor. Our aim was to capture the spirit of how the people who work at J. M. Smucker feel about the company today and where they’re going, while still respecting the company’s past. The fresh colors, movement and transparency of the shapes, and the confidence of the typography all work together to represent the company’s diverse portfolio of brands and celebrates their culture and values.”


Adds Smucker Co’s Director of Creative Services Kara Buckler: “With this new identity, we have a fresh visual presentation that gives a nod to our heritage while reflecting the dramatic evolution of our portfolio to position us as a multi-category CPG leader and the momentum we have for continued growth. This launch is an exciting step in presenting the Company we are today as well as the one we aspire to be.” The mark captures the essence of the stability afforded by five generations of family leadership while adding an extended visual world of vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and youthful energy that speak to both the diversity of their portfolio and plans for continued growth.


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Says Kara Buckler, Director, Creative Services, The J.M. Smucker Co.: “We chose CBX because we knew as a partner they had a very healthy respect and understanding of where we came from, but they also had the ability to push us forward and help us think outside the box.”