Clarkmcdowall Unifies Association Brand

‘The Seed’ Is Cornerstone of Visual Identity

In 2021, the two largest fresh produce and floral associations – Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and United Fresh Produce Association (UFPA) – joined forces to form a single global organization to better serve their industry. Brand architects Clarkmcdowall faced the challenge of establishing a holistic brand vision that included a shared purpose, narrative, name, and identity that could position the new organization as a key leader in the industry as well as inspire employees and members.


“It was our priority to honor and respect the culture of both of these successful organizations, providing a place of trust and open-mindedness. They needed a partner who was going to listen, interpret, and guide the journey with sensitivity,” explains agency co-founder Paul McDowall.



“The seed” is the cornerstone of the visual identity system and represents the foundation from which all living things grow and thrive. Grounded in this notion, the creative team selected design elements with movement to represent the organization’s intent to have a meaningful impact on the industry, to strike a balance with their human side, and to show authenticity with their audiences. Visuals are rooted in revealing natural beauty, whether an up-close focus on an end product or the overhead geometry of a tilled field. Clarkmcdowall also unified the new organization with the new name – International Fresh Produce Association.


Says Theresa Lennahan, Design Director, Clarkmcdowall: “Similar to the seed, International Fresh Produce Association breathes new life and gives meaning to the brilliance and energy of the produce industry.”