Dreams In The Time of Covid

Two Graphic Designers Visualize Sleep Research

Between COVID-19 and the social justice movement, people have been having very vivid dreams. If you could take all of these dreams and visualize them, what do you think they would look like? In this new research, The Sleep Judge gathered information from over 1,000 people and had them describe the content, emotions, and colors of their dreams and nightmares. Among the key findings:
  • Dreams of Gen Z: Nearly 1 in 4 are having dreams of “peace” and 15% are having dreams about BLM protests.


  • COVID-19 Dreams and Nightmares: Finding a cure, contracting COVID-19, and loved ones contracting COVID-19 are common themes. “Anxiety” and “hope” are the most common descriptions. Black, blue, and red are the most common colors.


  • Political Nightmares: Republicans are dreaming of being fired from work, their city being looted, their house being looted, and riots. Democrats are dreaming of gun violence, unrequited love, home invasion, police brutality, and sexual assault.


Graphic designers, Joe Mercurio and Lisset Vera, were tapped to visualize what the average dreams (or nightmares) look like today. Mercurio tells GDUSA: Depicting the most recurring dreams and nightmares amid the coronavirus pandemic was a fascinating assignment. There’s something surreal about curating collages using the concepts occupying the American subconscious, but at the same time, I find solace in knowing we’re all enduring these tumultuous times together.” And states Vera: “Dreams reflect our deepest emotions and feelings. They are a mixture of situations that go beyond a single image, so the photographic search and editing were intended to create surreal images with the digital collage technique. It was the best tool to represent each scenario of what we feel and live today in the face of the pandemic.”